Wireless Push Button Tailgate Add-on Kit for TX31 Balers

The wireless push button kit transforms an Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler from a standard pull-rope bale discharge machine into a user-friendly, completely wireless system. Enjoy sitting in the tractor seat without having to pull a rope each time a bale is ready for discharge. With this kit, a simple push of a button from a convenient wireless remote control will discharge your bales each and every time, hassle free. 

This kit uses its own battery and a wireless remote transmitter and receiver to operate the hydraulics for you, all with a press of a button. When a bale is ready for discharge, simply press the button to lift the tailgate. Once the bale has been discharged, press the button again to lower the rear tailgate, and the baler is ready to bale the next bale. The battery is rechargeable and should last multiple baling sessions before needing to be recharged.  

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