Drawbar Kit for TX31 Mini Round Balers

The Drawbar Kit for Ibex TX31 Balers includes everything you will need to convert your 3 point hitch baler to drawbar operation. A crossbar is supplied that installs in the tractor’s 3 point hitch arms. The top link of the tractor is not needed and is removed. Best of all, the entire kit installs with absolutely no tools required! Converting back to 3 point operation can be done in under a minute. Includes extra long PTO shaft.

Ibex mini round balers are the only mini balers available in the US with the option of drawbar connection. Why is that important?

  • Ease of installation. Because the baler is fixed to the tractor with a single pin, connecting the baler becomes much simpler and quicker. Just back your tractor up to the baler, align the holes, and drop the pin in place. Once connected, set the low limit chain and you are ready to go.
  • Baler can be adjusted from the tractor seat. Using the 3 point hitch lever, the baler pickup can be quickly raised or lowered to adjust to changing terrain or field conditions.
  • More space between the tractor and baler. This increased space makes it easier to see the baler pickup from the tractor seat. The extra space also makes it easier to feed forage into the baler when it is stationary.
  • No need to pick up the baler off the ground. With standard 3 point connection, turning can be difficult without elevating the baler, which may not be possible with many small or older tractors.
  • Better tracking on meandering windrows. In fields where windrows are full of corners and curves, a trailed implement will do a better job of following the path of the tractor, leading to more effective pickup of the crop.

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