Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with Net Wrap





Lowest priced net wrap baler on the market!

You spoke and we listened. You wanted a NET WRAP baler at a more affordable price point – something that could take care of your small farm’s hay needs but wouldn’t break the bank. We’re happy to introduce the Ibex baler – a quality machine at a lower price – the lowest price in the industry to be exact. Finally, there is a baler for the rest of us – at the right size and the right price – to finally take control of our own hay production.

Baling capacity of up to 120 bales an hour.

If you are a farmer who is ready to make the jump to producing your own hay, the Ibex TX31 with NET WRAP is the baler for you! Finally, you can control the quality of your hay by baling when the hay is at peak nutritional value, instead of waiting for when the farmer down the road gets around to it. This is the most affordable net baler on the market and is recommended for customers who want a higher baling capacity of up to 120 bales per hour.

Simple and easy to use.

The Ibex TX31 mini round baler with NET WRAP is our flagship model machine that is the simplest, easiest to use baler on the market today. This is as close as you can get to a “plug and play” baler. It simply connects to the tractor’s 3 point hitch, and its hydraulics are completely self-contained, meaning no messy hydraulic connections to deal with.

Net wrap provides weather resistance and durability.

The TX31 uses standard, inexpensive baler net wrap. The round bale is much more weather resistant than square bales, meaning a surprise rain shower or a heavy morning dew won’t ruin your bales in the field before you can get them inside. Adding net wrap gives you even better weather resistance, and also reduces loss from heavy handling. It can be easily run with tractors of less than 25 horsepower. And its small size means it can be easily stored in the corner of the barn or shed.

Perfect for pine straw production too!

Ibex Mini Round Balers are popular with pine straw producers too! Their compact size and maneuverability make them a perfect choice for harvesting straw between the narrow tree rows of a pine plantation. Contact us to learn more!


Model: Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with Net Wrap

Dimensions and weight

Overall Width 4 ft 9 in (57 in)
Overall Length 3 ft 9 in (45 in)
Overall Height 4 ft 7 in (55 in)
Weight 976 lbs
Pickup Width 2 ft 7 in (31 in)


Hydraulics Self-contained system for operating tailgate
Electrical Horn operates by self-contained 9 volt battery
Tire Size 16 in x 6.5 in
Tire Rim Size 8 in
Bale Wrapping Net Wrap
Capacity 60 - 120 Bales per Hour
Bale Size (diameter x width) 20 in x 28 in
Average Bale Weight 30 to 60 lbs
Gearbox Oil Type 80W90 EP Gear Oil
Hydraulic Fluid Standard Tractor Hydraulic Fluid in Hydraulic Reservoir

Tractor Requirements

Min. Tractor Engine Power 15 HP
Tractor Hitch Category 1, 3-Point
PTO Variable; 540 RPM
Min. Tractor Weight 1500 lbs