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Ibex TM62 Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower

Blade Selection:
Available with hammer blades or Y blades



The Ibex TM62 Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower will change the way you approach tough mowing jobs forever. It works as a standard rear-mounted flail mower, easily chopping through thick grass, brush, and even small saplings. But where it really shines is in the offset position, allowing you to reach under overhanging branches, into ditches, under fences, along pond banks, and any other place where your tractor won’t fit or can’t safely travel.


This machine uses your tractor’s standard front loader hydraulics, so there is no need for rear hydraulics or tractor modification. You can also adjust the offset on the fly as you cut, so following an irregular fenceline or going around poles is easy.


With the Ibex TM62 Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower, manufactured by Del Morino of Italy, you’ll increase productivity and safety, and get more use out of your compact tractor!




Cutting Width 5 ft 2 in (62 in)
Cutting Height Variable; 1 in - 4 in
Weight 890 lbs



No. of Belts 3
Blade Mounting Points 24
Rear Roller Adjustable; 3 Positions
Type and Number of Blades Y Blades, 48
PTO 540 rpm
Belt Tensioner Adjustable
Grease Fittings Yes
Length of Hyd. Hoses Beyond 3 Point Hitch 3 ft
Gearbox Oil Type 85W140 EP Gear Oil
Max Brush Size 2" Diameter with Y Blades, 3" Diameter with Hammers
Hydraulic Coupler Type ISO 5675 Agricultural 1/2" Quick Connect Male
Steel Thickness 6mm (0.236") - 8mm (0.315") with reinforcements
Blade Swing Diameter 14.3 in
Blade Speed 158 ft/sec



Tractor Hitch Category 1. 3-Point
Minimum Tractor Power 30 HP
Minimum Tractor Weight 3500 lbs
Minimum Tractor Width 56 in


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