Mills, aerates and levels soil.

The Ibex power harrows mill, aerate, and level the soil in a single implement. The TX41 gives you 41” of harrow width, while only requiring very modest horsepower. Power harrows are great for gardens, fields, construction sites, sporting facilities, riding arenas and anywhere else you need perfectly leveled, weed-free ground.

Superior to traditional tillage tools.

In his book The Market Gardener, Jean-Martin Fortier recommends the use of power harrows as an alternative to traditional tillage and no-till farming for seedbed preparation and weed control. Power harrows present the advantage of horizontal, minimum tillage. Multiple sets of vertical tines mix and lightly mill the soil at a depth you specify.

Great for weed control.

Unlike a rotary tiller, the harrow does not invert (turn over) or compact the lower layers of soil. This prevents dormant weed seeds from being brought to the surface and leaves the soil at its original composition, without hardpan formation. The rear roller leaves behind a light mesh pattern that lightly compacts the soil, sealing the surface to prevent moisture loss while providing an optimal bed for receiving seeds. It is great for getting rid of weeds between rows. Any weeds in its path are quickly stirred up and uprooted by the tines.

Perfect for equine arena maintenance.

The Ibex power harrow is also the perfect implement for equine arena maintenance. This machine combines the leveling and texturizing tasks of a tiller with the finishing details of a chain drag. With two sizes, one is sure to meet the needs of your operation. It has never been simpler to keep your riding arena in top-notch condition!

Engineered for high quality.

Ibex power harrows are of high Italian engineering and manufacturing quality. Their hardened steel gears run in an oil bath and the side panels float with the terrain to allow rocks to pass around the outer rotors without damaging the tines. A rear mesh roller leaves an attractive pattern that is optimal for seedbed formation. The working depth of the rotating tines is fully adjustable.


Model: Ibex TX41 Power Harrow

Dimensions and weight

Weight 630 lbs
Cultivating Width 41"
Leveling Width 41"
Mesh Roller Width 54”
Machine Height 31"
Machine Depth 38"


NO. of Tines 12
NO. of Rotors 6
Working Depth down to 7”

Tractor Requirements

Min. Tractor Engine Power 12-25 HP