Ibex TX51 2 Wheel Rake





Requires very little horsepower.

Wheel rakes are the most economical choice for raking hay. With few moving parts, they are mechanically simple and require very modest horsepower.

Simple and economical.

The Ibex line of crop-driven wheel rakes are designed to provide a gentle, cost-effective solution for your hay raking needs.

Wheel rakes are a simple and economical alternative to powered rakes. There are no requirements for a PTO or hydraulics. The rake is driven by contact with the crop being raked and the forward motion of your tractor.


Model: Ibex TX51 2 Wheel Rake

Dimensions and weight

Windrow Width Varies
Weight 188 lbs
Working Width 4 ft (48 in)
Diameter of Wheels 4 ft 7 in (55 in)


No. of Fingers 40 per Wheel
PTO Crop Driven
Grease Fittings Yes

Tractor Requirements

Tractor Hitch Category 1, 3-Point