Ibex TS51C Drum Mower with Conditioner


Decrease the drying time.

These top of the line drum mowers are designed for maximum production rates with minimum down time, and have several exclusive features not found on other brands. With a built-in flail conditioning system, this mower will spread the cut crop and reduce drying time, often eliminating the need for a separate tedder operation. Durability and fast cutting speeds will get you in and out of the field in less time and without hassle.

Mechanically simple.

The design of a drum mower is mechanically much simpler than sickle bar and disc mowers. For nearly all hay cutting applications, it is a superior design that cuts faster with fewer problems. The drum mower design, which has been very prominent in Europe for decades, is finally gaining popularity here in the US, and rightly so.

A drum mower has only two large counter-rotating drums. These drums create a great deal of inertia, helping you to power through the thickest hay conditions. The drums are powered from above by a simple gearbox, not with multiple small gears from below like a disc mower. These drum mowers use only four inexpensive, reversible blades per drum. They can be easily sharpened or simply replaced when dull. Replacing a blade is a simple process. This simplicity in design makes them easier to use and maintain, while also making them more durable.

Shaft-driven, thus no belts to break.

While other manufacturers continue to use belts between the main PTO and the drum gearbox, all of our drum mowers use a durable shaft-driven system. Shaft drive means no belts to come off, slip, or break at the most inconvenient times.

Easy to transport.

The TS51C also has a simple system for transport – no hydraulics required. Just release the breakaway system, manually swing the mower to the rear, and drop a pin in place to hold it there.

Guaranteed to give years of trouble-free performance.

This machine is quality crafted in Italy, with a proven design in use for over 20 years. Every drum is factory tested to be dynamically balanced, reducing vibration and prolonging machine life. When you buy this mower, you can count on a quality machine that will give you many years of trouble-free performance.


Model: Ibex TS51C Drum Mower with Conditioner

Dimensions and weight

Weight 684 lbs
Cutting Width 4 ft 3 in (51 in)


Mowing Capacity (acres) 4 per hour
Folding for Transport Manual
No. of Blades 6 (3 per drum)
No. of Drums 2
Break Away Protection Yes
Gearbox Oil Type 80W90 EP Gear Oil

Tractor Requirements

Min. Tractor Engine Power 20 HP
Tractor Hitch Category 1, 3-Point
Tractor Width (min) 4 ft 4 in (52 in)
Tractor Width (max) 6 ft (72 in)
Min. Tractor Weight 2300 lbs